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Date: 1st July 2016
3-Ply Ecosolid bamboo flooring E0 grade ES-NW-MFR-3
Description: Ecosolid New World Bamboo Morning FrostProduct Code: ES-NW-MFR-3? Specification: T15xW83xL1210mmStructure: Unfurled BambooEcosolid Bamboo FlooringEcosolid Bamboo is made by pressing the round bamboo "canes" flat instead of cutting them into strips for the traditional formats or shredding them for the strand woven formats,Website:http://www.dassodecking.com, which decreases the usage of glue largely. Additionally, the natural outer "skin" of bamboo is left, which is hardest part of the bamboo, which then becomes this floors natural finish. Therefore, there is no other lacquer or oil required. This product bring people not only a natural& original look of bamboo, but also the authentic heath by decreasing usage of chemical, such as glue, lacquer etc. This product can reach and even be better than the most strict requirement in the? world for formaldehyde emission-- F????? in Japan. This product is really green, healthy, natural. Technical data: 1. Reaction to fire: Dfl-s1 (EN 14342) 2. Release of fomaldenhyde: E1 (EN 717-2) 3. Breaking strength: 0.4KN (EN1533) 4. Slip resistance: USRV70 (CEN/TS15676) 5. Thermal properties: 0.18W/mk (ENISO 10456) 6. Biological durability: Class 1 (EN335) 7. Density and thickness: 820kg/m3/18mm (EN323) 8. Hardness: 7300N (ASTM D1037)Avaliable Size:1210*125*18mm (With GreenSkin)? Product Code: ES-FOR-WP-5? 1210*97*18mm (With Green Skin)? Product Code: ES-FOR-WP-3 1210*83*15mm?(With half Green Skin)? Product Code: ES-NW-MFR/LEA/FAW/CIN/JAD-3? ES-VIN-SHA-3 ; ES-VIN-SUN-3Warranty under Normal Use:30 yearsRecommend Installation:To install by glue or framework?
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